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We are a family! 2011 Matrix Family Day
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On July 9, 2011, Matrix Guangzhou Chemicals Co., Ltd held its Family Day event. The event was held to celebrate the 11th anniversary of the accident-free safety performance. On a clear and beautiful, blue sky day, employees kicked off the eventful day by bringing family members to visit the company office, warehouse, and production and maintenance workshops. A bus-ride amidst the fragrance of lychee flowers on the road was then arranged to Guangzhou Zengcheng Villa (an area known for their delicious lychees) where a sumptuous lunch was provided, as well as all sorts of entertainment. Participating in activities such as KTV, sports and fun games allowed all of the employees and their family members to feel the presence of a strong and cohesive corporate culture here at Matrix.

Visiting Matrix
    Family Day was an event open to employees and their family members where employees wore Matrix logo uniform sportswear to celebrate the 11th anniversary of no accidents occurring. During the visit to the company office, each family received Family Day souvenirs as well as a tour of the warehouse, guided by security and production engineers. The department instructors led a lively and engaging presentation while walking and talking between the buildings. Family members were able to visit various buildings such as the ceramic catalyst additives production plant, polyester production plant, and service and repair workshop and get a glimpse of the environment at Matrix.

Conference dinner – Awards, fun games, sports and recreation KTV provide entertainment for all
    Although Mr. Xing Jinsheng and Mr. Xiao Fei, Matrix’s general manager and vice president respectively, were unable to attend Family Day because of prior engagements, union president Mr. Wang Huiming spoke on their behalf. Mr. Wang Huiming expressed gratitude towards the employees’ efforts and achievements and gratefulness to the family members for their long-term understanding and support! He also congratulated all of Matrix on a wonderful year so far and encouraged striving towards greater achievements in the future.

fter a delicious meal, fun family entertainment was provided. Everyone received prizes by participating in guessing riddles and playing musical chairs. In addition, there were also a number of ping-pong tables set up where players and spectators alike were involved in exciting matches.

    Through the activities held on Family Day, we were able to strengthen the relationships between employees and family members by implementing a form of open, two-way communication. Family Day allowed all attendants to feel like part of a team and to understand the close-knit family environment at Matrix. Seeing the success of this year’s Family Day, we are already looking forward to the arrival of the next Family Day!
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