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Chairman’s Message
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Chairman's Message  

Lincoln YING
I am excited and delighted Matrix and Zircosil Asia are now ONE.  First of all, let me welcome all Zircosil Asia’s employees and wishing them continue success in this new era.

Matrix’s core culture and believe are SAFETY FIRST and CUSTOMERS HAVE THE PRIORITY.  Our existence is to service our customers and offer value added services and products.

Matrix with its heritage from M&T Chemicals and Zircosil with its heritage from Johnson Matthey, both companies have 50+ years of history and knowledge in offering high quality Zircon products to our customers.  Our brands are recognized by our customers as best quality, high value and strong services.  Now we are ONE and are looking forward to taking the best of Products and Services to our customers.  We wish to take this opportunity to thank our customers for their long-term trust and believe in us.  Thank you.

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