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Antimony Catalysts

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As the world’s largest manufacturer of antimony catalysts(Antimony triacetate “S-21”,S-28) used in polyester products, Matrix’s products are sold on the market worldwide. Matrix’s registered trade name product, “S-21” has become the world’s leading manufacturer in the polyester industry.

Matrix has developed and commercialized the next generation of patented mixed-metal catalysts for the PET market. This newly patented “S-21” catalyst offers significant improvements in PET process productivity, including  but not limited to: improvements in tenacity, allowing a more complete reaction, a lower DEG content, lower acid aldehyde content, higher glass transition and melting temperatures, etc. This catalyst is also produced at a much lower cost compared to the typical antimony catalyst.

Matrix has established a quality assurance system consisting of raw materials, production process and a comprehensive quality control of final products. The use of an advanced atomic emission spectrometer, gas chromatography and automated titrator in the Technical Quality Department ensure quality control and product improvement.
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Antimony Catalysts

Antimony Triacetate S-21 


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