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Organometallic Compound

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Organoantimony stabilizer for UPR (shelf and pot life extension)

Triphenyl Antimony (S-30) is a special stabilizer for UPR to extend shelf and pot life of UPR in various applications, such as:  SMC, BMC, buttons, plastic and traffic paints, putty for wood and metal (automotive) repair, etc..

Triphenyl Antimony (S-30) is also used in vinyl esters production as a chain transfer agent to control molecular weight distributions.

Organotin stabilizers for PVC

MT700 is a solid tin stabilizer used in flexible and rigid PVC applications.

MT700 is also used in ABS as a stabilizer and flame retardant additive.

MT820 is a methyltin carboxylate used in flexible and semi-rigid PVC applications.  MT820 is a colorless and odorless stabilizer.  Applications includes special transparent shoes and wall coverings.
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Organometallic Compound

Triphenyl Antimony (S-30)


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