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Matrix Guangzhou Chemicals Corp was established in 1996 under Elf Atochem S.A. with Zircon Opacifier production.  

Matrix was among the first foreign owned Zircon producer in China with technology from the USA.  Subsequently,

an additional product line, Antimony Catalysts for PET was installed on the same site in 1999.  In 2009, a Singapore

private investor acquired this business and Matrix was created.

Matrix is a well-recognized quality leader in its products and is the global leader in antimony catalysts with more

than 70% market share in preform catalysts, servicing 28 different countries.  Matrix has also established itself as

the market share leader in Asia Pacific with manufacturing sites in China, Malaysia and India.

In 2016, Matrix acquired MiO Precision Metal Technology Co., Ltd. supplying fine, precision and complex shape metal

parts to electronics, automotive, and consumer industries based on Metal-Injection-Molding (MIM) technology.  MIM is

a high tech, high efficiency, and high grow manufacturing technology with broad applications.  Matrix is investing

heavily in R&D as well as expanding its manufacturing capacity to meet market demand.

In 2017,Matrix acquired Zircosil operations in Asia.Zircosil was established in the early 1950's,one of the world-leading

Manufacturers of processed zircon products for ceramics and other markets.Zircosil brand was well recognized gloablly for its

heritage and its quality.

Matrix is poised to grow in its markets and is investing heavily in R&D to develop novel processes and products in various

ceramics, stainless steel, titanium products for electronics, automotive and consumer products.  Matrix is developing special

downstream mineral products and derivatives for high value-added applications.
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