Matrix (Guangzhou) Metamaterials Co., Ltd.

Company Benefits

Human Resources

1、 Matrix offers a competitive compensation system, inclusive of performance bonuses and performance awards.

2、 All Employees are entitled to the official National Legal Holidays together with paid annual vacations.

3、All employees are entitled to many types of company paid insurance and benefits coverage, such as:  Retirement fund, Unemployment Insurance, Worker’s compensation, Maternity Insurance, Basic Medical Insurance, critical illness medical benefits insurance, and Housing fund, etc..

4、Company also provides paid employee family members medical coverage through the Commercial Insurance.

5、All employees are provided with free hot-meals on site with the company’s own cafeteria.

6、Company provides private company commuter buses from many convenient locations in the Greater Guangzhou areas to transport employees to and from home.

7、Company organizes an annual company outing for all employees.

8、All employees are encouraged to join the Company Union and its activities.  The Employee Union, funded mostly by the Company, hosts various events for employees each year, such as:  Family Day, sports outings, etc. to build team spirit, provides training, etc..

9、The company provides and encourages employee training and organizes many company funded training programs for employees each and every year.

10、The company Union together with the Company jointly fund a special “Employee College Student Scholarship” to support employees’ children attending Colleges and Universities.

11、All employees are entitled to an annual company paid medical check up.

12、Comprehensive employee care benefits, such as : birthday gifts, wedding gifts, holiday gifts, allowance for housing, communications, high temperature etc..

13、Company organizes a fun-filled Annual Dinner for all employees to share their Happiness and Honors.     

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