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HSE Policy
About Matrix
Matrix is fully committed to the international and local regulations on Health, Safety and Environmental protection requirements.  The following is a list of the specific commitments:

1. Full compliance with applicable State and Local environmental, health and safety laws, regulations and requirements.

2. Matrix is committed to all the employees and stakeholders in creating and maintaining a healthy and safe working environment.  In addition, Matrix is committed to provide appropriate training regularly for all employees on associated health, safety and environmental information related to its operations.

3. Each and every employee will uphold health, safety and environmental protection responsibilities.  These are vital elements of every employee’s performance metrics.

4. Establishing health, safety and environmental protection systems and to implement relevant procedures, that are regularly assessed to ensure health and safety of our employees and to protect our environment.  Specific targets include:

a.   HazOp analysis to reduce the hazards and operational risks on all operation procedures and projects.  

b.   Process Safety review to strengthen safe operations and employee participations.

c.   Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) deployment, implementation and training to enhance personal health and safety.

d.   Process improvements to reduce wastes (air, water and solid) and energy (electricity, natural gas, fuel, etc.) consumptions.

5. Assessment and selection of contractors and suppliers shall include their Health, Safety and Environmental policies, compliance and performance.

6. Develop emergency response plans and implement regular training and exercises to effectively control and minimize impacts in emergency situations.

7. Actively communicate and promote health, safety and environmental policies, actions and accomplishments to our surrounding communities and external stakeholders to aid their understanding and knowledge of Matrix’s commitments.

8. Be the Product Steward by providing employees, customers and end-users with appropriate health, safety and environmental information to aid their proper use and handling of Matrix’s products.

Safety is deemed a must for the Company’s sustainability and Customers’ satisfaction are essential to Matrix’s long-term success.  Our Company’s creedal is:

• Safety First

• Customers have the Priority.
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